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Our Team provide a broad spectrum of Marine Engineering Services covering all aspects of onboard electro-mechanical installations, maintenance and diagnostics. 

With each member having sea-time served as a live-aboard Yacht Engineer, we understand the nature of ships operations, system installation, maintenance & diagnostics.

  • Water-makers 

  • Refrigeration & HVAC

  • Generators & Primary Propulsion

  • Hydraulics: Thrusters & Winches 

  • High Voltage Electrical 

  • Hatch Installation

  • Electro-Mechanical (Doors / Tables)

  • WTP's, Pumps and Motors,

  • Plumbing (PVC, ABS, Stainless)

  • Passrelles & Boarding Ladders 


Our Team offers a full range of re-painting packages including Hulls, Superstructure, Rigs, Tenders, all off boat items, and Underwater Systems.
RMCI Qualified Team Members ensure only the most exacting standards of quality control are correctly managed and achieved throughout the project.

Specialising in Awlgrip, Jotun, Alexseal as well as a multitude of other marine-based suppliers, ensuring the correct environmental conditions are adhered to, as specified by the manufacturer. Fully digital documentation procedure, ensuring each stage of the process is catalogued and recoded for vessel continuity.

Our Team are happy to operate in conjunction with other leading Marine Finishing companies, ensuring an outcome-driven cohesive working relationship when the pressure is on to complete.


Our highly skilled outfitting & hardware team offer a fully digitised process for stainless fitting & component removal: ensuring each item is detached and reinstalled to the most exacting standards. Any component which requires fault rectification either yacht side or fitting side is dealt with during the disassembly process rather than during the fit-out stages to guarantee time sensitive deadlines are met. 

Our in-house fabrication facility in Lymington can also customise or alter any existing hardware or design and build new components to suit any requirements. We also utilise an onsite TIG welding unit for smaller modifications or alterations.

  • Outfitting Exterior Hardware

  • All Custom Stainless Fittings 

  • Anchors - Bollards - Cleats 

  • Stanchions - Guard / Rub Rails 

  • Exhausts - Engine Components

  • Hinges - Interior Parts

  • Stairs - Brackets - Tenders

  • Windless & Rig Components

  • 'Man-rails' & Sail Tracks

  • Glass - Port Holes - Cowling 


Yacht Tenders shipped worldwide without the need to attend to loading/unloading and organise logistics and paperwork.

We have the team to streamline the delivery process with years of shipping internationally and long standing relationships with haulage companies.

We also have a number of fully qualified and experienced Sailors & Engineers who will deliver your yacht from wherever to wherever, or come along to assist you as crew. Call us for a quote. 


We cover all aspects of composite repairs from glass to carbon, wet, 

infusion or Pre-Preg, regardless of size or location. Our team will undertake onsite repairs, removal or installation. Our facility in the UK can provide high-quality component production using a multitude of lamination methods. 

  If you have particular requirements for daggerboards, rudders or keels, we can also build bespoke parts if supplied with a CAD-based drawing.

  • All Customs Carbon & GRP 

  • Pre-preg - Infusion - Wet 

  • Major / Minor Structural Repairs

  • Custom Component Manufacturing 

  • On-site Rebuilds & Strengtherning

  • Aesthetic & Detailed Repairs 


Design and construction of bespoke cradles and splashes for your Yacht or Tender (with adjustable height settings for keel on/keel off mode). Cradles can also be doubled up to integrate with existing trailers and shipping containers.

Storage Container Fit-Out:

20-40ft or non Standard sizes. Offering a fully customised internal container fit-out & fabrication, giving your yacht the onsite support platform you need, the way you want it: Workbenches, Sail bunks, amenities, and storage.

  • Grit Blasting

  • Full Fairing

  • Semi Fairing

  • Correctional Fairing

  • Corrosion Repair & Tank Coating Scratch & Gloss

  • Varnishing & Interior Finishing

  • Anti-fouling systems

  • Matte/semi matte/gloss/metallics/base & clear systems

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